In this podcast about software engineering, Doctor McKayla interviews experienced developers and thought leaders from around the world about how they develop software. Her guests reveal the best practices, engineering culture, and the mindset that is lived at their companies.

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Making security easier for developers

In this episode, I talk to Harshit Chitalia about how we can make security easier for developers. Harshit is the co-founder and CTO of Tromzo, a start-up dedicated to...

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Mentoring as an engineering manager

In this episode, I talk to Jess Rose, who specializes in community building, outreach, and developing better processes for talent in technology. We talk about: her process of mentoring...

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Using WordPress to run a profitable developer training business

In this episode, my guest Avdi Grimm shares how he found his independence by running a training and consulting business for over ten years.  We talk about: the importance...

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what the heck is data-oriented programming?

In this episode, I talk to Yehonathan Sharvit, author of the book Data-oriented programming. Yehonathan is a developer, author, and speaker. He has tons of experience in full-stack development using various languages...

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Michaela loves to learn how others develop software. You normally find her analyzing and tweaking software development processes and tools. She shares her knowledge and findings through workshops and on her blog.