In this episode, I talk to Charlie Gerard who recently switched from the software consultancy ThoughtWorks to the product company Atlassian. She now works on Jira, the planning and bug tracking software that comprises a codebase of several million lines of code. 

We talk about: 

  • her experience working at Atlassian,
  • the software engineering practices used at Atlassian,
  • how diverse roles on a team help make better products,
  • her interview experience to get into this popular developer tool company,
  • the difference between working for a product company versus a consultancy, 
  • how to become a GoogleDev expert and a Mozilla Tech speaker,
  • and of course also about her passion to tinker with brain-controlled interfaces. 

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About the Author
Michaela is passionate about making the life of developers and engineers better. She hosts the SE Unlocked podcasts and also researches and helps to make software engineering processes and tools better. She writes about her work on

One comment on “Episode 9: From Consultancy To Product Company Charlie Gerard

  1. Thomas Cox says:

    This was a fascinating interview. Thanks for arranging and publishing it.

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