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The Software Engineering Unlocked podcast is an up and coming show directed to developers, and engineering leaders. Two things all listeners have in common is the drive to build better software and better engineering cultures.  

Sponsors that make a perfect match with the Software Engineering Unlocked podcast include sponsors that:

  • offer software that makes developers’ lives better,
  • are looking to hire talented folks,
  • provide high-quality training and education resources such as courses or books, or,
  • offer high-quality hardware products. 

118,000+ listens
48+ episodes
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What sponsors say

Sponsoring Software Engineering Unlocked was fun and worth the investment! Working with Michaela is always great – she was very attentive to our advertising goals, spent time learning about our product, and spoke about us to her audience from a place of true authenticity. We saw real engagement after the ads and are excited to continue working with her in the future.
-Tracy Phillips, Co-Founder at CodeSubmit

How it works

We love to personally report about our experience with your product. This also yields the best results. Therefore, whenever possible, we want to make sure to test out the product, or see it in action via a demo.

In addition, we offer to work with you on your ad message, so that your message feels authentic and keeps the tone of the show.

Alternatively, you can also send us our favorite script that we read. 


Because the best results for podcast advertisers are achieved when sponsors appear on a few consecutive shows, we highly encourage you to book a package and profit from the discounted rates.

  • Multi-show 3+ appearances — €440 Euro per show
  • Multi-show 6+ appearances — €330 Euro per show
  • Single show appearance — €650 Euro per show

We occasionally have sponsored speakers, giving all the spotlight to you for 45 minutes. A sponsored speaker episode costs €1190 Euros. 

What you will get

  • A one-minute sponsor spot at the beginning of the show . 
  • A dedicated sponsorship section including your logo, link, and description on the episode website page.
  • A sponsorship section within the show notes syndicated to podcast clients and our RSS feed, reaching users independent of the client.
  • One tweet introducing you to our Twitter audience every three episodes sponsored.
  • At least one mention in our monthly SE Unlocked newsletter – and follow-up mentions as long as you are an active sponsor.
  • We currently only accept one sponsor per episode, making sure you get all the spotlight.

The topics discussed in the podcast range from engineering methodologies to software engineering best practices, and experience reports of day-to-day work life at certain companies.

Another topic that is highly valuable is interviewing experiences and hiring decisions, attracting listeners that are ready for a new role. 

Sponsoring the podcast is ideal for all who want to reach an engaged audience that is enthusiastic about software quality, software engineering rigor, and that strives to build welcoming and including engineering cultures. 

Just within one year, the podcast has reached a wide audience of quality-focused software engineers and product-folks. The podcast has been listened to over 99,000 times. Each episode averages around 1,500 listens. The number of listens each episode gets is quite stable, showing a loyal, yet growing listener base. Some of the most downloaded episodes reach around 5,000 people. 


Most of our listeners are from the USA 36%, Europe 35%, and Canada 4.72%.

  1. USA 36.3%
  2. UK 9.28%
  3. Germany 7.98%
  4. Canada 4.72%
  5. India 3.18%
  6. Australia 2.83%
  7. France 2.44%
  8. The Netherlands 2.38%
  9. Brazil  1.94%
  10. Austria 1.77%

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