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In this show, Doctor McKayla interviews experienced developers and thought leaders from around the world about how they develop software. Her guests reveal the best practices, engineering culture, and mindset that is lived at their companies.

Latest Episodes

Episode 17 Why we hate to read code Trisha Gee

In this episode, I talk to Trisha Gee, who is the Lead of the Java Developer Advocacy Team at JetBrain. She is an expert for Java high-performance systems, and...

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Episode 15: How to Succeed in Building Developer Tooling with Peter Pezaris

In this episode, I talk to Peter Pezaris. Peter is the CEO and co-founder of a start-up called CodeStream. What’s interesting about Peter’s story is that CodeStream isn’t his...

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Behind The Mic

Doctor McKayla

Show Host

Michaela loves to learn how others develop software. You normally find her analyzing and tweaking software development processes and tools. She shares her knowledge and findings on her blog.

Scott Hanselman

Show Guest

Scott is a web developer who has been blogging for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott actively works on making tech a more welcoming place. Listen to this episode here.

Show Guest

Cassidy is a Senior Software Engineer at CodePen, one of the largest communities for designers and developers. CodePen has hundred of thousands of users, but the team is only 8 people strong. I talk with her what this means in term of responsibilities and ownership of the site. Listen to this episode here.

Dr. Leif Singer

Show Guest

Leif is a software engineer at Automattic, the company behind products like WordPress. He joins SE Unlocked to talk about how it is to work at a fully remote software company.

Sandeep Panda

Show Guest

Sandeep is the founder and CEO of Hashnode – a friendly developer community. In his interview, he shares how he built Hashnode from idea to a lively place that thousands of developers enjoy. Listen to this episode here.

Alper Kemal Koç

Show Guest

Alper was the first employee and the first engineer at a startup in Turkey that creates a low-code solution that allows users to create mobile applications without all the hassle. In this episode, he shares his experience building a software solution from the ground up. 

Find this episode here.