Episode 6: Derrick Stolee on making Git faster, contributing to open-source, and creating win-win-win situations for all involved.

In this episode, I talk to Derrick Stolee, a principal software engineer at Microsoft who makes sure the Git version control system is lightning fast. We talk about: his career switch from being a professor to become a software engineer at Microsoft,  what it means to contribute to open-source during your worktime for Microsoft, how...

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Episode 5: Alper Kemal Koç on being the first engineer at a startup, building a low code solution, and the importance of listening and ignoring customer feedback.

In this episode, I talk to Alper Kemal Koç, who was the first engineer building a low code platform called Kuika, that helps users develop mobile applications. Alper shares with me how he build this startup from idea to serving over 15 customers, and which cultural differences he observed when building software in Turkey, the...

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Episode 4: Leif Singer on changing from academia to industry, humility and work culture at Automattic, open-source and working remotely

In this episode, I talk to Leif Singer, an engineer at the fully remote company Automattic. Automattic is the company behind WordPress, a famous and powerful content management system with an estimated 75 Million user base.  We talk about: why he switched from academia to industry, how he got hired without knowing the company’s tech...

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Episode 3: Sandeep Panda on building a developer community, working with a Venture capital firm, and Software development practices in a startup

In this episode, I talk to Sandeep Panda, CEO and Founder of Hashnode, a friendly and inclusive developer community. Sandeep shares with me his entrepreneurial journey and all the lessons he learned along his way. We talk about: building a developer community from scratch,  getting investors to fund your projects, the ups and downs of...

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Episode 2: Scott Hanselman on how to get a remote position at Microsoft, improving tech interviews, Diversity and open source

In this episode, I talk to Scott Hanselman, a partner product manager at Microsoft. Since years, Scott is one of the most successful tech bloggers, he has three podcasts and actively works on making tech a more diverse place. We talk about: how it is to work remotely for Microsoft, how to get such a...

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Episode 1: Cassidy Williams on working remotely, changing a technology stack, finding a fulfilling career, and humor in tech

In this episode, I talk with Cassidy Williams, a senior software engineer that works for the fully-remote company CodePen. CodePen is a social development environment for front-end designers and developers. You can find  Cassidy on Twitter or visit her website. We talk about working remote for a small startup how to find fulfillment in your career and...

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Teaser – Software engineering unlocked

Hello and Welcome to the software engineering unlocked podcast. I’m your host Doctor McKayla and I open you the doors to software companies such as Microsoft, Google or Facebook. But also to smaller startups such as Hashnode, Bitmov or Automatic. I talk to experienced developers from different companies about how they develop software. How did...

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